Tuesday, 31 March 2009

10 minutes of interactions: bize sized IL

Presented by University of Leeds.

Problems identified with existing online provision:

Text heavy content
Navigation inconsistent
External links can lead you astray
Length and depth of resources can be intimidating

Problem with layout not content, felt there was a missing link

To address the issue, a learning technologist was brought into the project, and these steps were taken:

Created 3 learning objects which focussed upon tasks
Removed unecessary content
Team created to look oversee project
Project took 1 year and was broken down into different sections each with their own deadline

The learning objects included a quiz to begin, to test the knowledge of the student using it, so they can see what they will be learning immediately. A test is included at the end also to assess learning from the object.

The learning objects also included tasks for students, for example building a reference, where they can see where they have immediately gone wrong. Different types of task helped different learning styles to engage with the learning objects.


A webpage for students
An event for academic staff
Marketing to students using leaflets, displays and workshops

The project team is now working on evaluation of the project and future plans. Further promotion will be one of these plans and more integration into Blackboard.

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