Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Animals, and April Fools

Luckily there were no April Fools jokes played today.

The session that Erica and I did went well.  I hadn't realised that it was fully booked, so that was a nice  surprise, but also presented a few technical challenges as the session relied on people interacting with the exercises.  All the bits of ACP that we asked them to do (The Google Game, the Animal Typology, Business Information, Bad Search) went well and everyone particpated.  

I don't think I forgot anything crucial - I remembered to name check and thank the rest of the team, and somehow we managed to nail the timing so we had the 15 mins for questions that we wanted - which were fully used with people asking interesting (challenging!) questions.

I've already had emails from people who want the whole presentation that we did for the students so that they can repackage it for their own institutions.


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